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We understand agribusiness.

Healthy farms are important for everyone.

Wexford is located in West Des Moines, Iowa—in the heart of the Midwest Corn Belt. Our core value is the belief that farm financial resources and natural resources are intimately linked. A healthy farm is dependent on sound management of financial resources, natural resources—and a bit of good weather.

Indebtedness is a huge factor impacting sustainability. Our mission is to assist our clients with their delinquencies. The ability to efficiently and effectively recover funds for our clients is our primary focus. It is our hope that this recovery of debt will not only benefit our client but the farmer as well, enabling them to reduce their debt and help them efficiently manage their resources.

We take a non-adversarial approach.

There are a finite number of customers in the ag sector, and we understand the value of customer retention. We’ll treat your customers with respect in all our interactions. You'll enjoy outstanding recovery percentages and increased cash flow without ruining your customer relationships—we want to solve their debt problems so they will continue to do business with you in the future.

Our Services

Fully Certified & Compliant

We are committed to and fully certified in the highest levels of professional standards in our industry. This includes all areas of receivables management, accounting, and data security compliance.

Receivables Outsourcing

We'll work closely with your finance teams to help solve your cash flow challenges. We dig deeper than just debt—we believe in taking a holistic approach to your fiscal management.

Credit Policy Refinement

We analyze your policies and cash flow patterns and help you refine them to strengthen cash flow cycles.

Process Optimization

We provide referrals, mediation, and coaching for improving your cash flow processes.

Business Intelligence

We help implement real-time KPIs into a convenient dashboard so you can track progress and measure improvement.

Cash Flow Strategy

We deliver analysis, rationale, and a clear roadmap for strong and sustainable cash flow.

Collection & Litigation Solutions

Rapid Creditor Analysis

We provide you with an in-depth review of your debtor’s credit reports and past payment patterns. A debtor’s credit and payment history are important to understanding possible reasons for an unpaid account.

Tailored Approach

We tailor our approach so you can maintain a strong, healthy relationship with your customer. Once we gather information, we plan the proper, most efficient steps to take for a successful collection.

Multi-Layered Reporting

Our transparent reporting gives you real-time access to all activity, anytime and anywhere. Our reports cover debtor progress, investigation notes, and you can even listen to recordings of our collection phone calls.


Our system maximizes efficiency with predictive and optimum contact timing. We also have collected over three decades of debtor data and paying patterns so our intelligence insights can even help you identify future payment issues.

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We currently partner with over 350 other companies in the agriculture and insurance industries, from large to small, we have the experience and dedication to help you recover the funds that are so vital to your business.

Wexford has been a long time, trusted partner who understands agribusiness and how to respectfully and effectively recovery money from the individual farmer while maintaining our customer relationship.

- Ag Input Finance Company

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