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Wexford is an experienced, Midwest-based commercial collection agency that you can trust. We’ve been providing highly effective and efficient debt recovery services since 2002. We proudly serve a wide range of companies, ranging from large, fortune 500, to mid-size, and small independent companies. We also specialize in recovering funds for companies in the agriculture and insurance industries.


82% of businesses fail due to cash flow management problems. Don’t let it happen to you.

We’ll help you increase your cash flow so you can grow.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. If you are forced to write off losses, your sales team has to sell even more just to maintain profit margins. You shouldn’t have to pour all your energy into collections. We can help free up your time so you can focus on growing your business.

How do write-offs
impact your sales?

If you write off:

and you’re operating at a net profit of:

You need to make additional sales to offset the write-off and maintain that profit margin.

You need


in additional sales

Wouldn’t you rather turn those extra sales into profit?

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when you trust Wexford.


Our online dashboard tool gives you visibility to all customer reports and account updates. We want you to know exactly what is taking place with your accounts at all times.

Secure &

Trust is something that we take very seriously. It’s our duty to safeguard and secure your confidential business information. We handle all communications and documents with extreme care.

Nimble &

We continually seek to adjust, revise, and improve our approach as we listen to your feedback and as we gather metrics on our recovery efforts. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Great Customer

We’re persistent, but we keep things respectful and professional. We think being Iowa nice is the right way to get results. We treat your customers like they are our customers.

A Leader with
High Standards

Wexford is proud to be an affiliate of Altus GTS. Our affiliation with Altus allows us to be an industry leader in accounting, security, processing and compliance protocols.

Easy & Cost

We work hard to make collections simple for you and cost effective for your business. Our efforts are designed to increase your cash flow without you having to hire extra employees.

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We currently partner with over 350 other companies in the agriculture and insurance industries, from large to small, we have the experience and dedication to help you recover the funds that are so vital to your business.

Wexford & James provides us with more options than other agencies we've used. The professional manner, with which you handle our accounts, mirrors our own, which is important to our firm. I especially appreciate the reports/updates we receive. My work load is quite heavy and knowing I can turn to your company to relieve some of that burden, is worth a great deal.

- National Accounting Firm

Our Services

Fully Certified & Compliant

We are committed to and fully certified in the highest levels of professional standards in our industry. This includes all areas of receivables management, accounting, and data security compliance.

Receivables Outsourcing

We'll work closely with your finance teams to help solve your cash flow challenges. We dig deeper than just debt—we believe in taking a holistic approach to your fiscal management.

Credit Policy Refinement

We analyze your policies and cash flow patterns and help you refine them to strengthen cash flow cycles.

Process Optimization

We provide referrals, mediation, and coaching for improving your cash flow processes.

Business Intelligence

We help implement real-time KPIs into a convenient dashboard so you can track progress and measure improvement.

Cash Flow Strategy

We deliver analysis, rationale, and a clear roadmap for strong and sustainable cash flow.

Collection & Litigation Solutions

Rapid Creditor Analysis

We provide you with an in-depth review of your debtor’s credit reports and past payment patterns. A debtor’s credit and payment history are important to understanding possible reasons for an unpaid account.

Tailored Approach

We tailor our approach so you can maintain a strong, healthy relationship with your customer. Once we gather information, we plan the proper, most efficient steps to take for a successful collection.

Multi-Layered Reporting

Our transparent reporting gives you real-time access to all activity, anytime and anywhere. Our reports cover debtor progress, investigation notes, and you can even listen to recordings of our collection phone calls.


Our system maximizes efficiency with predictive and optimum contact timing. We also have collected over three decades of debtor data and paying patterns so our intelligence insights can even help you identify future payment issues.

We’re the experts you can trust with agriculture and insurance collections.

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Debt recovery for seed & input suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and crop insurance providers.

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Debt recovery services for agent debit balances, audit premiums, and unpaid insurance deductibles.

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